Longshot Coffee Truck

Longshot Coffee Truck

Espresso is one of the most sought after culinary experiences around. Rich, creamy concentrated coffee that’s made with superior beans and technique is just something no one can get enough of. That’s why there are European coffee houses that date back to the 1600s and still offer exceptional and nuanced cups of coffee to anyone who walks through their doors onto their overly plush carpets. Longshot Coffee is a bit different from the traditional cafe previously mentioned. We’re just as high-quality and our coffee features equally enchanting flavors and varying shades of strengths, but we’re on wheels instead. 

We’re the premier mobile espresso provider in LA, and out coffee truck is the main way we’re able to get around to a variety of different functions. If you’re looking for a more down to earth approach from your mobile barista, our new coffee truck is perfect. You and the guests at your event can still enjoy impressive coffee creations but without suffering the usual rigamarole of set-up and tear-down. 

Perfect Events For A Mobile Barista Truck

Longshot Coffee is pretty familiar with event catering. For years, we’ve provided exceptional mobile espresso catering for exclusive events with zero room to go off the rails. Because of this, we’ve developed a reputation of providing locked down, reliable service that never strays from what you want. That’s the reason we get invited back, year after year, to the most prestigious award shows and film festivals in the area. But don’t worry, we don’t have a taste for only serving celebrities and distinguished guests. We’ve only developed a taste for sharing exceptional espresso beverages with as many people as possible. Our mobile barista catering is perfect for any outdoor function such as a wedding, the beginning festivities of a film or music festival and even corporate events.

All of these events can feature a customized latte menu with the amazing Ripples Machine that allows you to print clear pictures in the delicate foam on the top of the latte. This makes for great branded imagery for your event and can make a definite imprint in your guests mind about the production quality of your event and your attention to detail that will surely be reflected in your own products and services. 

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